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Felin Uchaf

Since 2004 the charity has been transforming a traditional Welsh farm that had been redundant for decades into a Holistic Education Centre & Community Enterprise. The main aim of the centre's current 15 year building construction plan is to establish an International Youth Initiative Programme inspired by the world wide movement of Folk Schools.




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Free Entry

In order to provide young people with continued support beyond their period of training or volunteering with us Felin Uchaf have also established a business mentoring initiative to help stimulate and support new green business initiatives and rural enterprises in the community - that make responsible use of natural resources.


The Felin Uchaf eco-centre is situated at the heart of the Llŷn Peninsula on the shores of the Irish Sea, in North West Wales, an area of outstanding natural beauty, rich cultural history and proud Welsh speaking communities.

All of the varied building and landscaping projects underway at the centre have been carefully designed to create skills learning opportunities that enable as many different people as possible to get involved in the construction. Felin Uchaf offer a broad range of volunteering and training activities from organic gardening to highly skilled eco-building & heritage skills training projects and provide a varied programme of cultural and social events aimed at empowering and enriching the lives of our young people and their local communities.

Opening times

9:00 - 17:00



01758 780 280


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