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Porth y Swnt

Porth y Swnt - shining a light on Llŷn's unique culture, heritage and environment. Get inspired to explore...who knows where the journey will take you?

This unique interpretation centre in the heart of Aberdaron uses poetry and art installations to showcase the special qualities which make the Llŷn Peninsula so unique in terms of history, culture and environment.

The name Porth y Swnt translates as ‘Gateway to the Sound’, referring to nearby Bardsey Sound and the use of the centre as a gateway to discovering and exploring the surrounding area.




Car Park


Free entry

Inspired by the pilgrims who have travelled to Aberdaron and Bardsey Island for hundreds of years Porth y Swnt takes you on your own special journey. Journey up from ‘the Deep’ which is dark and atmospheric, through man’s interaction with the land in ‘the Way’, to ‘the Light’ and its centrepiece- the decommissioned optic from Bardsey Island lighthouse. Along the way you can read the words of local poets and immerse yourself in film and light projections.

Also at Porth y Swnt is Sisial, a siop selling unique goods for you and your home including beach wear, jewellery and art.

Porth y Swnt is a perfect base to explore and enjoy the area and all that it has to offer.

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