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Porth Ysgo Virtual Tour

Located on the southern coast of the Llŷn Peninsular, Gwynedd, Wales, just below the village of Llanfaelrhys are the remnants of the Nant, or Nant Y Gadwen, mines and associated tram and jetty works of Porth Ysgo. This forms one of three mines around Rhiw – the other two being the Rhiw and Benallt mines. These mines all produce manganese ore which derives from disturbed Ordovician mudstones, and the complex geology of Wales is the reason why nearly all of the manganese ores extracted in Britain during the nineteenth and twentieth century comes from Wales.

Immerse yourself in a virtual tour of this monument and its surrounds. You can also read an accessible description of the tour or view an interactive map of the tramways and structures of Nant-Y-Gadwen, Benallt & Rhiw Mines.

  • Imagery and virtual tour created by Bernd Kronmueller, Panoramas and Virtual Tours

  • Tour text summaries created by Owen Hurcum, Bangor University

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Taith Rhithiol
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