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  • Dr Einir Young

The Old Surgery, Llithfaen

On 3rd September the old surgery, Llithfaen was re-opened in a new location at Nant Gwrtheyrn, the National Welsh Language Centre, one of #Ecoamgueddfa Llŷn’s sites.

Dr Eilir Hughes a local GP officially opened the building. He’s achieved national press coverage during Covid for promoting Fresh Air as a way of reducing the risk of catching the virus. Eilir is a friend of #Ecoamgueddfa. Dr Carl Claus and Huw Jones, Chair of the Nant Gwrtheyrn Trust are also in the photo. There’s an opportunity for visitors to the surgery to listen to Carl Claus narrating the story of buying Nant Gwrtheyrn.

The old surgery is a tiny place, very similar to the original building – a basic waiting room and a consulting room where the doctor met his patients. The chair, desk, examination couch and other relics from the period lead the visitor along memory lane. No doubt many of a certain age have memories of similar surgeries in their own areas.

Although the building is now part of Nant Gwrtheyrn the surgery was originally situated in the village of Llithfaen. These days Nant Gwrtheyrn is well-known in Wales and beyond but in order to get there one has to drive through the village of Llithfaen, which is a very interesting place in its own right with forward thinking people working hard for the benefit of their community.

Tafarn y Fic (the first Welsh community pub) is based in Llithfaen, a hub providing a variety of entertainment in Welsh and employing local people. Interestingly one of the rooms at the back of the pub was used, back in the day, by Doctor Jac.

Pen y Groes Community Shop can be found on the cross-roads leading to Nant Gwrtheyrn; a siop run by volunteers which is very convenient for local people and visitors alike. The shop and the pub are at the heart of the community and if you visit you can pick up a leafleat to guide you around historic Llithfaen in both locations.

The map brings historic Llithfaen to life. A wander through the village with a phone reveals ineresting information hidden behind the multi-lingual QR codes. The old surgery was at point 7 on the map.

As well as walking through the village there are several other trails around Llithfaen, which link up to other paths such as the Wales Coastal Path and ‘The Welsh Camino’.

Hafod Ceiri is another initiative of interest – a heritage centre being developed in Capel Isa (point 12 on the map). Events and activities are held here regularly and one day, when the project is complete, it will be a superb location.

Llithfaen is but one example of the hidden gems dotted around Pen Llŷn. How about visiting Nefyn and its Maritime museum, walking around the old town and calling in at Tafarn yr Heliwr – another community venture.

More information on all #Ecoamgueddfa sites can be found on our website.


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