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  • Ben Porter

Grey Seal Pups

Autumn is the time of year when Grey Seals (Morlo llwyd) give birth to their pups, generally from mid-September to mid-November.

Autumn might seem like a bit of an odd time of year to bring a pup into the world, but female seals are often in their best condition after a summer feeding on rich food sources around the coast, and can now produce the rich milk which will sustain its pup through its first few weeks of life.

Female Grey Seals haul themselves ashore at a whole range of sites around Pen Llŷn's coastline to give birth to their pups, generally choosing pebbly beaches at the bases of the cliffs or in sheltered bays.

A particularly dense colony of Grey Seals exists on Ynys Enlli, an island located two miles south-west of the tip of Pen Llŷn. Here, seals pup in virtually every possible nook and cranny that is available for them to use, often with two or three pups in a single gully!

If you come across seals and pups on beaches whilst wandering the Llyn coastal path, please keep your distance and avoid disturbing them, even if the pups are on their own. A number of signs have been placed around Pen Llŷn's coast to educate visitors about disturbance during the pupping season.


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